Welcome to Letʼs Learn Tongan

Mālō e tau lava, Greetings and WELCOME to “Letʼs Learn Tongan” blog.

My name is Hema and I am a mother and a teacher to my four children. I believe passing on one’s culture is important. I believe that one’s language is the carrier of that culture. Therefore I feel it my duty to teach the Tongan language to my children. My children have quickly learnt their Aa-Ee-Fa-Haʼ and taha-ua-toluʼ but have been reluctant to improve with little  language resources around.

Thus LetʼsLearnTongan.com was born!  I intend this blog to be a great resource for children, parents and educators everywhere, especially those looking for ideas and activities to help make learning of the Tongan language fun and engaging. Follow us on our Facebook page and join in the conversation.

What can you expect to find here?

  • games and ideas
  • songs to listen and repeat
  • hands-on learning activities
  • printables
  • Make arts and crafts projects
  • book reviews, recommendations for our favorite products
  • parenting & teaching tips and ideas
  • plus more!!!

Mālō tuʻa ʻofa atu


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