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The Tongan Alphabet

Motuʼaleá Faka-Tonga

  • 17 letters in the Tongan alphabet.
  • 5 vowels; a-e-i-o-u
  • 12 consonants; f-h-k-l-m-n-ng-p-s-t-v- ‘
  • pronouncing the consonants you add ʻaʼ to the end – Fa-Ha-Ka-La-Ma-Na-NGa-Pa-Sa-Ta-Va
  • Fakaʻua (glottal stop) is considered a consonant and the last letter in the Tongan alphabet

The first step in learning and understanding any language is to listen. Fanongo ki he ongo! Listen to the sounds that each letter makes.

Check out the Tongan Alphabet sung by myself and my daughter. We had fun doing this amateur clip. Have some fun with your children. The tune is taken from the French children’s song Farajaka.



  1. vanni says:

    this is awesome! Teaching this to my daughter

  2. Nancy Tu'ivai says:

    I love the alphabet song. I’m going to start singing it to Leka. Malo Aupito. You two did a great job!

  3. Elisiva says:

    This is the best! Mālō ʻaupito! ‘Ofa atu!

  4. Sara says:

    How fun! The tune is actually called Frère Jacques (French for Brother James). ha ha! I very much enjoyed you and your daughter singing 🙂

  5. Eliza Matagi says:

    I recently taught sounds to my Tongan class using the HaKaLaMa way which this Hawaiian school uses. I just change it to meet the Tongan alphabet. My class loved it and helped them with their sounds. Thought Iʻd share just in case you havenʻt come across it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEYs9wOUxsE

  6. george838 says:

    good song and explanation.

  7. Siu says:

    This is such a 👍 website teaching my kids the 🇹🇴 Tongan language and history ❤️❤️

  8. Hineula says:

    This is great , i am about to start a little Tongan class soon. I might contact you. thank you.

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