Tama Tonga: A silly song for you

For the past week we have been having a lot of fun with making songs up. Just like ʻWash your face with orange juiceʼ, the lyrics you make up can be crazy and make no sense at all. But every kid will love it and enjoy learning at the same time. This is the second part made up songs for the boys.

Remember that all Tongan words end with vowels. So it is easy to make names, animals and adjectives about personalities rhyme. Below are the lyrics that I made up. Use them, combine them or make up your own.  I would love to read what you guys have come up with.

Tip * Be dramatic, act it out while you sing!

“Tama ko Taniela                    Daniel, the little boy
Hange ha Taikā                       Is like a tiger
ʻOku ne tolofi                           that is stalking
ke kai ʻa e hoosi”                     the horse to eat!

“Tama ko Viliami                     William, the little boy
Ne mau liʻaki                           We left him
Ke vaʻinga ʻi he Sū                  To play at the Zoo
Mo e fanga Kangikalū          With the Kangarooʼ

“Tama ko Sione                        John, the little boy
Hange a Laione                       Is like a Lion,
Faʻa ngungulu                         That always Roars
Pea hola ʻa e pulu                  and scares away the bullʼ


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