Tongan Letter M colouring in activity

Here is another letter activity for your kids to enjoy.

  • Letter M is for manupuna (bird)
  • Manupuna literally means flying animal: manu (animal) puna (flying)
  • pronounced as MA (mah)
  • Tip: keep it simple and colour in for the little toddlers
  • Tip: for the older kids add feathers & coloured paper for them to paste


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Pronouncing the Tongan vowel A

Pronuncing the Tongan vowel A

Do you know someone who does not pronounce their vowels correctly? Or perhaps it is yourself. There are no more excuses with this visual 🙂 Share it with your friends and family and lets learn Tongan 🙂

The Tongan vowel A for beginners! All you need to know about the vowel A.

  • There are marks (diacritical marks) added to the vowels which gives it a special pronunciation.
  1. The toloi (macron) gives it a long vowel (ā) AH sound.
  2. The fakaʻua (glottal stop) gives it a short sharp (ʻa) AH sound.
  3. The fakamamafa pau (definitive accent) gives it an exaggerated (á) AH sound at the end of a word. Think of resume and resumé.

COMPARE with the more complex English vowel a:

  1. MAN has an (ae) sound
  2. MARS has an (aer) sound
  3. MAKE has an (ei) sound
  4. MA has an (ah) sound

My Tongan Charts: Share 2 Win!

My Tongan Charts: Share 2 Win!

I am very excited to announce our first SHARE2WIN giveaway of “My Tongan Charts”. As a thank-you to all the people I have connected with, learnt from and fellow students of the Tongan language here are 5 packs available for you all to win.

Starting Monday, 1 pack will be given away daily. This competition is simple, you can either share here or on facebook WHY learning the language is important to you OR simply SHARE THE PICTURE ABOVE throughout your family and friends network and remember to post up “shared” on our facebook page.

They have been designed by myself as a way to engage children and I am happy to say they have the tick of approval by my own three kids ranging from 7 – 2 who happen to be very opinionated as to what they like and donʼt like. If you donʼt win they are still available via my online store in A4, A3 and A2 sizes.  My next goal is to expand the range of affordable educational resources with  an ebook picture dictionary for children in the Tongan language. Any comments or feedback please feel free to post.

You can check out the charts on my online store

Mālō and happy sharing.

Tongan Letter S Activity: complete and colour

Tongan Letter S Activity: complete and colour

This weekʼs letter activity is the LETTER S pronounced (sah).
Suitable for pre-schoolers primary/ elementary aged, these two pages will definitely keep them occupied for a little while.

Click here to download the Letter S Giraffe Activity
Would be fun to see your completed works. Send it to me or post up on our facebook page. If you like this activity please feel free to share on your network of friends and family.

Mālō Hema

How to pronounce the Tongan long vowels

Tongan Long vowels Macron Toloi

Learn to pronounce the Tongan vowels correctly and you are half way there. All consonants end with a vowel. All Tongan words end with a vowel. There is only one way to pronounce a vowel so the rest should be straight forward. Right! Hope this visual and key words help you to improve your pronounciation.

Tongan Letter L: Printable Activity

Tongan Letter L Activity: Colour or craft!
Tongan Letter L Activity: Colour or craft!

SUIT: Preschool age. Here is another activity to keep your kids busy. My 2 pre-school boys are enjoying scribbling and colouring in pages at the moment. Mixed in with Ben 10 and Batman colouring in pages, I make sure to add in a Tongan Letter Activity.

When they are done it’s the fun bit for me, Newstime! Ongoongo! Let them tell you all about their picture in Tongan.

Game: Tongan treasure hunt!

GAME: Are you ready to go treasure hunting. Use the Tongan alphabet, numbers and colours to find the treasure.
SUITABLE: Preschoolers, primary (elementary) kids. Beginners for Adults.

Game: treasure hunt for Tongan items
Game: treasure hunt for Tongan items

This is a fun game to play! Get out all your little nick nack toys, and get ready for some fun. This game can be simplified for preschoolers who are learning their colours and numbers. But it can also be made more challenging for older kids by combining colours, numbers, letters and timing them.

I saw this on one of the many kids activity blogs out there and then tried it using our Tongan language. This is by far the best game, according to my 7 year old. She rated it four stars out of five.

Tips for playing this game:

  1. For younger kids keep it simple. Use the option of 1-5 items max, for older kids you can go up to 10 items.
  2. Let your child direct the play. My girl could not find an item starting with ʻlʼ so she came up with the idea to draw the item being a ʻlaioneʼ lion.
  3. Be flexible. The word for many foreign things in Tongan start with meʻa (thing) like meʻa vaʻinga (toy) and meʻa faitā (camera).
  4. Stick to easier letters. Depending on your vocabulary skill level there will be some letters that will be challenging like ʻeʼ and ʻngʼ. I could not find an item for letter ʻeʼ so i got a yellow (engeenga) item.
  5. Have fun!

FOR BEGINNERS! Grab a bowl and collect an item each representing the Alphabet. Then use these items to play treasure hunt. Below are some items that you may have at home in the form of toys, fruits & vegetables and household items.

  • A – ʻĀpele, ʻAngelo, ʻAnga; Apple, Angel or Shark.
  • E – ʻElefānite, ʻĒpelikote, ʻĒpani; Elephant, Apricot, Apron
  • F – Fonu, filo, feke: Turtle, thread, Octapus
  • H – Hoosi, Hamala, Hele: Horse, Hammar, Knife
  • I – Ipu, Inu, Ika: Cup, Drink, Fish
  • K – Kā, Kūli, Kaloti: Car, Dog, Carrot
  • L – Lemani, Lolo, Laione: Lemon, Oil, Lion
  • M – Manupuna, Moli: Bird, Orange
  • N – Neesi, Nima: Nurse, Hand (of a doll)
  • NG – Ngeli, Ngata: Monkey, Snake
  • O – ʻOfa, ʻOtua, ʻOfefine: Love, God, Daughter (of a man)
  • P – Peleti, Pōlisi, Pūsi, Peni: Plate, Police, Cat, Pen
  • S – Sea, Sipaita, Sōtia: Chair, Spider, Soldier
  • T – Tamapua, Temata, Tohi, Toketā: Doll, Tomato, Book, Doctor
  • U – Ulu, Uasi, Uaine: Hair (from doll), watch, Wine
  • V – Vesa, Vaʻe, Vai, Vakapuna: Bracelet, Leg (from doll), water, plane.

I would love to hear how you guys went with playing this game. Rate it, give me some feedback, did you or your kids enjoy it as much as mine did?

Game: how many Tongan words can you make?

Practice the Tongan sound of the vowel A with this Tongan word game!

This is a great game to practice saying the Tongan alphabet and adding to your vocabulary. With this game you will quickly realise that there is only one way to sound out the vowel A.

Say A (ah) as in ʻah-huh, A as in ʻA-llah.

Tongan Alphabet word game
Tongan Alphabet word game

The macron as in Ā makes it a double long vowel. The glottal stop, fakaʻua makes the ʻA shorter and sharper like saying art. Remember Consonants can not stand on its own. They are always followed by a vowel. So using each star, how many Tongan words can you form. Example

  1. Laka – March
  2. Faka – doing
  3. Maka – stone
  4. ʻaka – kick
  5. paka – crab
  6. Ngangana – fall out
  7. Mana – thunder

Ok so how many words did you form? Share your answers so others can add to their vocabulary.