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Egg critters colouring in Activity

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Egg Critters colouring In Activity

We are celebrating the royal birth of Prince Taufaʻahau Manumataongo, first child for Crown Prince and grandchild for King Tupou VI this past week with a colouring activity for all the little ones. The Egg as in Easter symbolises birth and new beginnings and he is the future of the Tupou royal household and of our kingdom nation.

It takes a village to raise a child so we must not forget about our children, we must encourage them, question them, and engage them to embrace their culture and language.

These 7 egg critters will definitely keep your little ones occupied and engaged.

  1. Click picture above for printable pdf format
  2. There are prompt questions in Tongan to help engage your child
  3. There is a vocabulary list of Tongan words to help with questions
  4. At the end get them to do show-and-tell
  5. Remember encourage, encourage, and encourage with words like “poto, clever pronounce poh-toh” “mālie, good pronounce MA-lee-eh”
  6. anything iʼve missed out on or could add let me know!

Mālō tuʻa ʻofa atu


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