5 ways to say the Tongan letter F

Tongan letter F

5 ways to say the Tongan letter F: FA-FE-FI-FO-FU

  • Tongan is a phonetic language – say it the way you read it.
  • Take your ʻEnglish languageʼ hat off when you are learning Tongan. There are no silent letters, therefore do not get caught up by second guessing yourself about how to pronounce each letter.
  • Remember the rule: Vowels always follow a Consonant.
  • Look for the VOWEL following the consonant which will tell you how to pronounce the syllable.
  • A vowel and itʼs corresponding consonant syllable can only be said one way eg. A = (ah) and consonant F = (fah)

Using the picture prompts above for the F syllable letters practice saying some of the following words;

  1. fafa = to carry someone on your back
  2. fefafa = to carry someone on your back
  3. fēfē? = how are you?
  4. fī = to plait

Mālō ho mou meʻa mai kihe peesi masiva ko ʻeni. Koloa pe ʻe lava eni ʻo tokoni kiate koe mo hoʻo feinga ke fakalakalaka ange ʻa e lea faka-Tonga ho mou fānau.


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