Game: how many Tongan words can you make?

Practice the Tongan sound of the vowel A with this Tongan word game!

This is a great game to practice saying the Tongan alphabet and adding to your vocabulary. With this game you will quickly realise that there is only one way to sound out the vowel A.

Say A (ah) as in ʻah-huh, A as in ʻA-llah.

Tongan Alphabet word game
Tongan Alphabet word game

The macron as in Ā makes it a double long vowel. The glottal stop, fakaʻua makes the ʻA shorter and sharper like saying art. Remember Consonants can not stand on its own. They are always followed by a vowel. So using each star, how many Tongan words can you form. Example

  1. Laka – March
  2. Faka – doing
  3. Maka – stone
  4. ʻaka – kick
  5. paka – crab
  6. Ngangana – fall out
  7. Mana – thunder

Ok so how many words did you form? Share your answers so others can add to their vocabulary.


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