LLT Love song dedications: Loka Siliva

So your Tongan partner or father/ mother goes on and on about these old Tongan Love songs but you just don’t get it. Koloa pe e lava ‘a e Let’s Learn Tongan Love Song dedications ‘o tokoni atu. The first of many LLT Love song dedications to come. I hope you enjoy.

We learn best through songs and our first song has a wonderful story to it. Composed by the Late Queen Sālote for her future husband Tungī titled the Silver locket. I can imagine her writing this song, she is a young woman getting ready to marry at the age of 17, a year before her father Tupou II dies and she ascends the throne. She has her kingdom and people on her shoulders, she is young but in this composition shows her readiness for love and to dedicate the rest of her life for Tungī who is more experienced in life at nearly 30 years of age. Like the wind is free to do as it pleases (ie Tungī), she decides her heart will be like a silver locket, forever locked for him only.

Amusia pe ‘a e matangi’na
‘Oku’ne angi fa’iteliha
Kae hopoate pe kita
He ‘ofa ‘oku loka siliva
I envy that wind
It moves freely as it pleases
Nevertheless, I surrender myself
to love that is the silver locket