Tongan Childrens Silly Song about Grandma

Tongan Childrens Silly Song about Grandma

If you have primary school aged children you will know the tune of Mr Clickety Cane by Peter Coombe. I use that tune to sing this silly song that I made up. For Tongans we have the utmost respect for our elders and I would never say this to my grandma directly. This is simply a silly song which does not need to make sense and it is the best way for children to learn. Children love silly songs and itʻs a great way to engage them and besides how many people know of a grumpy grandma.

  1. Taʻahine ko Grandma – The girl that is Grandma
  2. ʻOku nifo ava – Is missing some teeth
  3. Faʻa kaikaila – always screaming she is
  4. Tuku ā ho faʻa ʻita – youʻre always getting mad, please stop!

‘Oiaue ‘Ana Latu lyrics

'Ana Latu

There are not many children’s lullabies in the Tongan language. This probably has to do with the old traditional attitude that kids should be seen but not heard. ‘Ana Latu is the closest one I could think which is a well known children’s lullaby a lot of mother’s sing to their kids. But if you listen closely to the words, this song is actually a lamenting song about ‘Ana who has departed this world.

Tongan Children’s Song: Three blind mice

Tongan Childrens Song - 'a e fanga kumā the Tongan version of Three blind mice
Tongan Childrens Song – ‘a e fanga kumā The Tongan version of Three blind mice

Time for a Song! – Three blind mice in Tongan. This is a very popular song for Tongan kids and it is sung to the same tune.

It has nothing to do with the farmers wife who cut of their tails with a carving knife. This song is about the mice and a priest. See all those mice! Where are they running to? They are running after the Priest to eat his bread until each and every crumb is finished.