End of year presentation: speak Tongan at home


Tongan Language School (Sydney) presentation Day
Reciting the words to Tolifisi at the Tongan Language School (Sydney) presentation day 2013


The school year has ended with our presentation day last saturday. It was a heartwarming day here in Sydney with the words of our guest speaker still resonating with me. The guest speaker Albert Vella who is the President of the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools, talked about the need and importance of speaking Tongan at home.  What is the point of going to Tongan School and learning but not speaking it at home. So that is my new years resolution to be mindful of how much English I actually use and to increase the use of my Tongan at home.

Ko e ha ‘aonga ako lea faka-Tonga kae foki ki api ‘o lea faka-palangi! What is the use of learning Tongan but returning home to speak in English!

As a student and a mother I am eternally grateful to the teachers, and helpers who have dedicated their time to sharing their knowledge to us who aspire to learn and improve our Tongan. My 7yo daughter has relished the experience of the past year so much that she won the most-improved prize award. She has a new found confidence in speaking the language more at home. All I need to do is support that and limit my English so 2014 be good to me and letslearntongan 🙂