Happy International Tongan language day

I heard on the radio this morning that it was International mother language day. A day that has been celebrated by the UNESCO since 1999. This yearʻs theme is “access to books and digital media in local languages”.  How fitting it is, as the whole premise of this blog is to celebrate and promote the Tongan language.

The importance of written materials in the Tongan language.

The use of the Tongan language in the home environment and in schools will not thrive without supporting the development of written resources like books, textbooks, and written material to support oral activities. Thankfully there are linguist and educators like Dr Tēvita ‘Ō. Ka‘ili and Brian Dawson who have helped immensely in developing the Tongan language through orthography (the spelling system of a language).

If you have any Tongan language books or resources that you have produced or know of any, please contact us as we are happy to promote it here.

To download Tongan language keyboard by Brian Dawson, Click here. It is free. If you find it useful drop Brian a line and tell him so. Even further support his work and donate.



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