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Television Tonga News Youtube Channel

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Ongoongo means news pronounce (oh-ngoh-oh-ngoh). Ongoongo Televisone Tonga’ = Television Tonga News

I’m quite excited to find out that Television Tonga has its own Youtube Channel. For this month it has been regularly uploading its full news program in English and in Tongan.

What a great resource to have available for those living outside of the Kingdom. Not only for the Tongan community in general wanting to keep in touch but also as a learning tool for those who want to learn and improve their language skills.

TIPS to watching Television Tonga News for beginners.

  1. In order to learn you need to listen (fanongo).
  2. Need to actively listen (listen for key words).
  3. Need to practise focused listening for 10mins.
  4. Subscribe to their Youtube Channel
  5. Next step is to find people to converse with.

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