Tongan hiko

ʻOkuʼ ke poto he hikoʼ ?  Are you skilled at juggling?

  1. ʻIo ʻoku ou poto lelei he hikoʼ – Yes I am quite skilled at juggling
  2. ‘Ikai ke poto au he hiko.  – No I am not good at juggling.
  3. ‘Oku ou vale he hiko – I am not skilled at juggling

It is an ancient art form of juggling and made into a dance performed by girls only. Any girl who grew up in Tonga would have played endless games with the tuitui nuts that they use to juggle with. The words are old and have lost its meaning but it certainly would have reflected the joyness of playing with ones friends and family.

Fuofua peau moʻua peau to he ʻanaua
Faifai peau fepaki, peau toki fehivai
He pai ko ʻulu ko Hateniti hatenata ua nga pe ʻala ma koli
Foʻi koli savaiki ʻa tofolo he pupunu ki lelenga


One thought on “Tongan hiko

  1. Good Day,
    Could I please get the rest of the lyrics for the Hiko Song? I’m a Girls Scout Troop leader and we are currently learning about girls around the work and the different cultural similarities such as in games they play and songs they sing. I grew up knowing this song but I would like to have the lyrics so we could sing along with our girls and learn the amazing cultural experiences of our Beautiful Kingdom of Tonga.
    God Bless,
    Haiasini Ouellette

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