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Ko hoku loto lyrics

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Mou hiva mai! Sing-a-long time!

Ko hoku loto
Ko hoku loto ke maʻu e Sīsū 
ko ʻeku holi pe kiateia
te u feinga ka ʻikai lava
ko e ʻuhi ko e angahala
ka te u feinga pē ke u maʻu koe

My wish is to find Jesus
I only want him
I will try but will not happen
because of my sins
but I will keep trying to find you

ka ne ke ʻilo sīsū te u ʻomi mai he ʻahoʼni
pea te u fifili ko hai nai te u ʻofa ai
Kuo pau ke ne maʻu heku meʻa kotoa
ʻo ʻikai ha ʻilo pe moʻoku loto ke ne maʻu mo ia
ko ʻene fiemaʻu ke tokoni
ka naʻa ku mole mei he angahala
ke ne taki ʻa koe mo au
fakafoki ki ʻapi
he ko ʻene fiemaʻu
ke ma nofo mo ia


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