A Royal visit to Tongan Language School

‘I he ‘aho 15 ‘o Ma’asi ‘e me’a mai ‘a Pilinisesi Lātūfuipeka Halaevalu ki he’emau ako’anga Tongan Language School ‘i Senee’ni. Pea ‘oku mau teuteu kihe ‘aho mo ako’i ‘a e fo’i fasi ko e Fala Paongo ‘o Pilolevu

Feeling excited with the upcoming Royal visit on 15th March. Princess Lātūfuipeka Halaevalu will be gracing our Tongan Language School here in Sydney with her presence and we’re all excited. Will keep you guys posted how it goes, we are learning this song to sing for the Princess, titled Priness Pilolevu’  Fala Paongo (royal mat), hopefully we do it justice.


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