Himi 391: ‘Oku ai ha ki’i fonua lyrics

One of my favourite hymns. It tells the story of a little island in the ocean which did not know God and was not blessed (so say the missionaries), but has many blessings now because Tupou I gave his nation to God.

‘Oku ai ha ki’i fonua
‘Oku tu’u ‘i ‘Oseni.
Na’e ‘ikai ke ma’u ‘Otua,
Na’e masiva he lelei.
Haleluia! Kuo monū’ia eni.

Tama Tonga, tu’u ‘o ngāue,
Ho koloa ke fakamonū.
Lotu ki he ‘Eiki ma’u pē,
Ke ne poupou ki he lotu
‘O malu’i,
‘O malu’i ‘a Tupou

There is a small Island
that stands in the Ocean.
It  did not have God,
They were poor in goodness.
Hallelujah! They are now blessed.

Tongan man, stand and work,
your treasure must be expressed.
Pray to the Lord always,
for his support in prayer
To protect,
To protect Tupou.


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