Ngaahi fehu’i: Interrogative pronouns to know

Interrogative Pronouns

After learning the Alphabet and correct pronunciation, my class are now working on learning these important question words. Having little or no prior knowledge of the Tongan language, my focus is getting the class to understand these words so I don’t receive blank stares when I ask questions.  Important questions like  Ko hai ho hingoa’? What/Whom is your name? Fēfē hake? How are you? Fē ‘a e peni’? Where is the pen?

  1. Ko hai? – WHO?
  2. ‘I fē? – WHERE?
  3. ‘Afē? ‘Anefē? – WHEN (future) WHEN? (past)
  4. Hā? – WHAT?
  5. Fēfē? – HOW?

Happy learning!


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