‘Ikai ngalo e feilaulau: Lest we Forget

Anzac Day memorial at Nuku'alofa
Facebook pic: Tafe Touliki

‘E ‘ikai ngalo e feilaulau kuohili’. Lest we forget their sacrifices.

ANZAC Day (Australian New Zealand Army Corps) has become a day of national remembrance for Australia, New Zealand and Tonga of the sacrifices that generations have endured to keep us safe. While it actually commemorates the Gallipoli landing in Turkey in 1915, it is just one of many campaigns in which Tongans amongst other Pacific Islanders have been a part of since WWI.  This day has come to symbolise the spirit of the ANZAC, that of fatongia (duty), feilalau (sacrifice) and fakakaungame’a (mateship). Like Tonga, Australia and NZ are a small nation compared to forces of the British, French and the US but their bravery, courage and contribution was second to none. Lest we forget!


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