Taʻahine Tonga: a silly song about you

For the past week we have been having a lot of fun with making songs up. My kids love hearing songs Iʻve made about them. This first part is made up songs for the girls.

Iʻve only used the tune of the verses from Peter Combsʼ – Wash your face in orange juice. If you come up with some lyrics for the chorus then let me know. But you could use any tune that you find and like!

Listen to the tune, and make one up for youself, your husband/wife or for your child. I would love to read what you guys have come up with. If you need help let us know.

“Taʻahine ko Lile                    Lile, the little girl
Ko ʻeku siʻi pele                      Is my dearly beloved
Hange ha kiʻi pepe                 She is like a beautiful
Faka-ʻofo-ʻofa”                       butterfly.

“Taʻahine ko Grandma         The lady, Grandma
ʻOku nifo ava                          Is missing some teeth
Lahi ene kaikaila                   She screams too much
Tuku ā ho faʻa ʻita”               Please stop being so mad

“Taʻahine ko Tana                 Tana, the little girl
ʻIkai lava sipela                      Can not spell
Toʻo hake maika                    Grabbed the Mike
ʻO lau Ta-O-Na-A”               And spelt T-O-N-A


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