Mamalu e pō – Oh holy night

Kuo lele mai e mafana he fanongo ki he le’o ko ‘eni. Fakatauange te mou ma’u ha kilisimasi fiefia.

My favourite Christmas song has to be Oh Holy Night and here is the Tongan version. I am definitely feeling the spirit of Christmas. Wishing you all a safe happy holidays.


‘Oiaue ‘Ana Latu lyrics

'Ana Latu

There are not many children’s lullabies in the Tongan language. This probably has to do with the old traditional attitude that kids should be seen but not heard. ‘Ana Latu is the closest one I could think which is a well known children’s lullaby a lot of mother’s sing to their kids. But if you listen closely to the words, this song is actually a lamenting song about ‘Ana who has departed this world.

Tongan hymn: Te u hiki ‘a hoku le’o lyrics

Beautiful songs need to be shared. Sing-a-long. There is always a lot more appreciation when you know the words and the meaning behind it. Blessed Sunday to you all.

1. Te u hiki ‘a hoku le‘o – I will raise my voice up high
Ke fai ‘atu ‘a e fakamālō – To give you thanks
Lea pē ‘eku hiva’ – The only words of my song are
Mālō Sīsū ‘a ho’o ‘ofa – thank you Jesus for you love/ kindness
2. ‘Alu ai ‘eku manatu – My memories wonders to
Sīsū he ‘aho’ na’a’ke ui ai au – that day that you called me Jesus
Talu ai ‘eku fakapapau – Since then I have decided for Christ
Ko au eni ‘eiki fai mai ha‘o fekau – Here I am Lord give me your bidding
3. Pehe ange mai ‘e au, ‘oku malava – I wish that it be possible
Ka ‘oku ‘ikai ha lea ia ‘e fe‘unga – but there are no words enough
Ke tala atu Sīsū ‘oku hounga – to tell you Jesus I appreciate
‘A e ‘ofa’ kuo u ‘a‘usia – the love I have come to know

{toe hiva mai mei mu’a – repeat from beginning}

Tongan hiko

ʻOkuʼ ke poto he hikoʼ ?  Are you skilled at juggling?

  1. ʻIo ʻoku ou poto lelei he hikoʼ – Yes I am quite skilled at juggling
  2. ‘Ikai ke poto au he hiko.  – No I am not good at juggling.
  3. ‘Oku ou vale he hiko – I am not skilled at juggling

It is an ancient art form of juggling and made into a dance performed by girls only. Any girl who grew up in Tonga would have played endless games with the tuitui nuts that they use to juggle with. The words are old and have lost its meaning but it certainly would have reflected the joyness of playing with ones friends and family.

Fuofua peau moʻua peau to he ʻanaua
Faifai peau fepaki, peau toki fehivai
He pai ko ʻulu ko Hateniti hatenata ua nga pe ʻala ma koli
Foʻi koli savaiki ʻa tofolo he pupunu ki lelenga

Ko hoku loto lyrics

Mou hiva mai! Sing-a-long time!

Ko hoku loto
Ko hoku loto ke maʻu e Sīsū 
ko ʻeku holi pe kiateia
te u feinga ka ʻikai lava
ko e ʻuhi ko e angahala
ka te u feinga pē ke u maʻu koe

My wish is to find Jesus
I only want him
I will try but will not happen
because of my sins
but I will keep trying to find you

ka ne ke ʻilo sīsū te u ʻomi mai he ʻahoʼni
pea te u fifili ko hai nai te u ʻofa ai
Kuo pau ke ne maʻu heku meʻa kotoa
ʻo ʻikai ha ʻilo pe moʻoku loto ke ne maʻu mo ia
ko ʻene fiemaʻu ke tokoni
ka naʻa ku mole mei he angahala
ke ne taki ʻa koe mo au
fakafoki ki ʻapi
he ko ʻene fiemaʻu
ke ma nofo mo ia

Describe your ex using a Tongan song title

Describe your ex using a Tongan song title
Describe your ex using a Tongan song title

Taimi fakamuna. Time for a bit of superficial fun and games. This would be an interesting list to compile. There are contemporary songs that are quite funny like Lome Lome and Satana and then there are old ʻHiva hanuʼ (sad songs of lost love) as well as Hiva Kakala which have lots of metaphors.

List of Tongan Song Titles

  • Satana – Satan
  • Lome Lome – Salome Salome
  • Tangi e lotoʻni  – This heart cries
  • Liʻekina (mai siʻi ʻeku ʻofa)  – My dear love has abandoned me
  • ʻE Hina te u tangi – Oh Hina I will cry
  • Pehe ange mai ʻoku kei pongipongi – Come around for it is still morning (metaphor) for wishing one was young again.

Lords Prayer in Tongan

Iʼm currently teaching this to my kids. Hope this helps you in your efforts 🙂

Ko e Lotu ʻa e Eikiʼ

Ko ʻemau Tamai ʻoku ‘i Hēvani,
Ke tapuhā ho huafaʼ,
Ke aʻu mai hoʻo puleʻangaʼ,
Ke fai ho finangalo i mamani;
Hangē ko ia ʻi Hēvani
Foaki mai haʻa mau meʻakai ki ʻanai.
Pea fakamolemoleʻi ʻemau ngaahi ʻangahala
ʻO hangē ko ʻemau fakamolemole ʻa kinautolu kotoa pē ʻoku moʻua mai.
Pea ʻoua naʻaʼke tuku kimautolu ki he ʻahiʻahi;
Ka ke fakahaofi ʻa kimautolu mei he fili.
He ʻoku oʻou ʻa e puleʼ, pea mo e mālohiʼ, mo e kololia,
ʻO taʻengata pea taʻengata. ʻEmeni

The Lords Prayer

Our father who art in Heavan,
Hallowed be thy name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in Heavan.
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us and those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom, the power and glory is yours
Now and forever Amen.

Tongan Children’s Song: Three blind mice

Tongan Childrens Song - 'a e fanga kumā the Tongan version of Three blind mice
Tongan Childrens Song – ‘a e fanga kumā The Tongan version of Three blind mice

Time for a Song! – Three blind mice in Tongan. This is a very popular song for Tongan kids and it is sung to the same tune.

It has nothing to do with the farmers wife who cut of their tails with a carving knife. This song is about the mice and a priest. See all those mice! Where are they running to? They are running after the Priest to eat his bread until each and every crumb is finished.

Tama Tonga: A silly song for you

For the past week we have been having a lot of fun with making songs up. Just like ʻWash your face with orange juiceʼ, the lyrics you make up can be crazy and make no sense at all. But every kid will love it and enjoy learning at the same time. This is the second part made up songs for the boys.

Remember that all Tongan words end with vowels. So it is easy to make names, animals and adjectives about personalities rhyme. Below are the lyrics that I made up. Use them, combine them or make up your own.  I would love to read what you guys have come up with.

Tip * Be dramatic, act it out while you sing!

“Tama ko Taniela                    Daniel, the little boy
Hange ha Taikā                       Is like a tiger
ʻOku ne tolofi                           that is stalking
ke kai ʻa e hoosi”                     the horse to eat!

“Tama ko Viliami                     William, the little boy
Ne mau liʻaki                           We left him
Ke vaʻinga ʻi he Sū                  To play at the Zoo
Mo e fanga Kangikalū          With the Kangarooʼ

“Tama ko Sione                        John, the little boy
Hange a Laione                       Is like a Lion,
Faʻa ngungulu                         That always Roars
Pea hola ʻa e pulu                  and scares away the bullʼ

Taʻahine Tonga: a silly song about you

For the past week we have been having a lot of fun with making songs up. My kids love hearing songs Iʻve made about them. This first part is made up songs for the girls.

Iʻve only used the tune of the verses from Peter Combsʼ – Wash your face in orange juice. If you come up with some lyrics for the chorus then let me know. But you could use any tune that you find and like!

Listen to the tune, and make one up for youself, your husband/wife or for your child. I would love to read what you guys have come up with. If you need help let us know.

“Taʻahine ko Lile                    Lile, the little girl
Ko ʻeku siʻi pele                      Is my dearly beloved
Hange ha kiʻi pepe                 She is like a beautiful
Faka-ʻofo-ʻofa”                       butterfly.

“Taʻahine ko Grandma         The lady, Grandma
ʻOku nifo ava                          Is missing some teeth
Lahi ene kaikaila                   She screams too much
Tuku ā ho faʻa ʻita”               Please stop being so mad

“Taʻahine ko Tana                 Tana, the little girl
ʻIkai lava sipela                      Can not spell
Toʻo hake maika                    Grabbed the Mike
ʻO lau Ta-O-Na-A”               And spelt T-O-N-A